Wart Treatment for Children

by jbarn

As adults when we get warts we can make an informed decision to either have them removed, or to seek out various wart treatments, or we can try our hand at some home wart treatment remedies. However when children get warts they don’t have the same advantages that we as adults do, in terms of knowledge and maturity. To put it more simply…they rely on us to make the right decisions for them, and it’s important to know that the appropriate wart treatment will depend on a person’s age. It definitely is not a case of “one treatment fits all”.

Although broadly speaking we can group infants, toddlers, young kids, right through to teens, as “children”, we should not assume that a wart treatment that is say, suitable for a teenager will therefore be suitable to a toddler. In fact a wart treatment that is used on an older child may be harmful to use on younger kids. Considering this it is fair to say that the age of the child needs to be taken into consideration when seeking wart removal solutions.

Often the best way to tackle wart treatment for children is to visit your local doctor. Either a GP or a dermatologist will be able to provide you with the best and safest option wart removal options for your child. Consider that a child’s skin is much different than an adults skin and a health professional will have a thorough understanding about what will be harmful and what will not be.

What If I Can’t Take My Child to a Doctor For Wart Treatment

Although seeing a doctor will be the best option if you child suffers from warts, you may have reasons why you don’t want to take them or you can’t afford to.

In these cases there still are other avenues to take when seeking wart treatment for your child.

  • Perhaps you can request a quick informal phone conversation with your local GP. Many doctors are often willing to offer quick, useful information and advice over the phone. It would be a quick conversation to find out what over-the-counter wart treatments will be safe for children.
  • Many Government and community healthcare services will offer over the phone health care advice, as to will nurses in many privately run clinics or hospitals.
  • Most health insurance funds will have a dedicated number which can be called for general health related advice and information.
  • Your local pharmacist or drug store is another great resource for free healthcare advice. They will be able to dispense very good advice about which wart treatment will be safe for kids.

OK, I’m Not Going to the Doctor, What Should I Do?

  • Avoid home remedies for wart removal. You may know of a wart removal home remedy or someone may have passed it one top you, but what is safe and works well for you, may not be so safe for children. If you do choose to go down this path just make absolutely sure that the ingredients (or how the ingredients combine and react together) are safe for your kids.
  • If you choose to purchase an over the counter wart treatment from a drug store be sure to let the pharmacist know that it is for a child, and take their advice. Also be sure to read the accompanying documentation.
  • Some less toxic wart removal treatments can be purchased from the local supermarkets or chain stores. Once again, it’s important to read the accompanying documentation carefully. If a product is potentially unsafe to use on children, it it required to be documented.

Without trying to sound too dramatic, some wart treatment products are quite toxic, and are unsuitable to use on younger children, and in some cases have the potential to cause permanent skin damage. It’s also true that these same products may be perfectly safe to use on a teenagers or adults.

Children have different requirement in terms of skin care, and often a medicated wart removal pad can prove to a be safe and effective wart treatment for children. However as always, a healthcare professional will be able to provide the best advice.

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